Speech-Language Applications

Free or Low Cost Applications for Apple Products

The following are just a sample of the many apps available through iTunes for Apple products (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). This is not a recommendation list, just an idea of where you might start as you look for apps for your child to use. Have fun exploring!

http://techinspecialed.com/  or http://hamaguchiapps.com are great websites to locate apps for education.



Montessori Matching Board – customizable matching games with shapes, colors, etc.

Find the Object – receptively recognize shapes, numbers, letters, colors, animals

Zoola/Zoola Lite – recognizing and naming animals and their sounds (photos)

Yippee Cards – flashcards with photos/voice/text of 500+ nouns in various categories

Preschool Adventure – 18 different games and activities, including creating music

OLIVIA Paints – mix colors and paint Olivia (from the books/TV show) in different scenes, then animate the paintings

Beach Party – matching game


Best Books for PreK (Ages 3-5) – recommends great books for the age-group

Gopher Finding: 1st and 2nd Grade – find letter sounds, sight words, and numbers

Shell Lagoon – find antonyms, synonyms, homonyms

Teach Me: Kindergarten - sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling

Teach Me: 1st Grade – sight words, addition, subtraction, spelling

Starfall ABCs – letters and phonics

Word Magic – letters and phonics

I Like Reading – customizable book with text-to-speech (also Kids Reading: I Like Spring/Preschool Books: I Like Summer/I Like Animals – Learning to Read/1st Grade Reading: I Like Writing)

Mee Genius – a library of kids books which read aloud if you  desire

Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? – Interactive book (other Dr. Seuss titles also available)

ABA Receptive Identification – By Function – identifying nouns by their function

ABA Problem Solving Game – Which Does Not Belong? – teaches exclusion/categorization (other ABA/Kindergarten.com titles available)

I Spy Riddle Race – the popular I Spy series comes to the App Store

SuperWhy – interactive literacy games

Brain Quest Blast-Off Grade 3 – questions in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies

MadLibs – the app version of the paper game

SparkleFish – an audio version of MadLibs

SuperKids 4th – 6th Grade Vocabulary, 7th Grade Vocabulary, 8th Grade Vocabulary – three different grade-level vocabulary apps

3rd Grade Vocabulary Prep – grade level vocabulary (also 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, and Middle School)

Bananagrams – Word play game

Sentence Builder – build grammatically correct sentences to earn fun reinforcers

Question Builder – answer abstract questions and create inferential responses

Story Builder – paragraph formation, integration of ideas, abstractions/inferencing

Conversation Builder – develops skills in multi-exchange conversations

iLive Grammar: Winter – build grammatical skills using science content material

Audiobooks/Audiobooks Premium – audiobooks from the public domain and classic novels

English Idioms Illustrated – common English idiomatic expressions

Middle School Writing – helps develop 7 different essay types commonly taught in middle school